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Ornithoptera priamus poseidon MALE

Ornithoptera priamus poseidon MALE

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SPECIES  Ornithoptera priamus poseidon Male

ORIGIN   Australia / PNG / Indonesia

FRAME  black 20x20xD5cm Made from recycled products.

DESCRIPTION  Bright emerald green / black wings AKA Cairns Birdwing. The female in contrast is a dull brown and black. This birdwing ( although not endemic ) is found in the far north in the tropical rainforests of Queensland. As larva feeds on the  poisonous Aristolochia vine it makes this butterfly unpalatable to predators. The careful conservation of its preferred habitats has ensured this butterfly is no longer endangered. This butterfly indeed can also be seen in many gardens if its food plant is provided. It is a very beautiful butterfly and one we are hoping to be able to stock all year round.

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